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Herbs & Specialty Formulas

Revive your health and wellness with our great selection of herbs and specialty formulas!

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  • Naturally Sweetened and Sugar-Free. Vitamins, Minerals, Greens, Antioxidants, Aminos, Digestive Enzymes.
    Envie is a high potency multi-vitamin formula fortified with greens, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and immune boosting nutrients. Our quick-dissolving powder is designed for superior absorption and maximum effectiveness in filling nutritional gaps. Feel rejuvenated with more energy. Experience strengthened immune system, improved everyday feeling of well-being and a naturally supercharged metabolism. Put Envie to the test and feel the difference for yourself.

  • Powerful Herbal Diuretic Reduces Excess Water

    Our natural formula is a potent herbal diuretic and electrolyte replacement supplement that was designed to help the body eliminate excess water retention from beneath the skin (subcutaneous water). This high potency botanical formula also supplies an ample balance of vital electrolytes necessary to maintain muscular performance and muscle fiber fullness. If muscle becomes too dehydrated this can have counter-productive results.

  • Enhance Sexual Performance & Well-Being with Nutrakey’s Health Supplements

    The Yohimbe tree is a tall evergreen native to Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, and the Congo. Yohimbe bark extract contains an active indole alkaloid known as Yohimbine.

    Yohimbine Works by Widening Blood Vessels

    Yohimbine widens blood vessels, increasing blood flow in the body. It has also been shown to increase fatty acid mobilization. It also stimulates the central nervous system by causing the body to produce more noradrenaline. Nitric Oxide levels are also increased which dilates the blood vessels. The combination of both increased blood flow and CNS stimulation contribute to Yohimbine’s effectiveness as an aphrodisiac.

Showing all 3 results

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